Hello, I am french designer emilien neu. i work with images, objects, bodies and spaces. I know many hand techniques especially with textiles, but also with wood, metal, ceramics and plastics. I know how to work some machines and a few softwares as well. I believe in slow-process, upcycling, local materials, and the color purple. MY ambition IS to spread the joy with my designs.
1996 - 2014 French education 2014 - 2015 Atelier de Sèvres [Paris, FR] 2015 - 2019 Design Academy Eindhoven [Eindhoven, NL] 2016 - 2019 Department Man & Identity 2018 - 2019 Semester Internship [Reykjavík, IS] at the Icelandic Love Corporation/ Gjörnigaklúbburinn
Nov 2016 ess et association ?, Hall de la Maison de l'Etudiant [Nanterre, FR] Informative exhibition curated by AFEV around the topic of social and solidary economics / realisation of all the graphic design. JAN 2019 The Icelandic Love Corporation - The Newest Testament, Hverfisgallerí [Reykjavík, IS] Realisation of several exhibited pieces for the art collective. JUN 2019 it's time to go people: SPREAD 'EM!, Lab-1 [Eindhoven, NL] Presention of the project "Abysmal Knitwear Eleganza" OCT 2019 (DDW) Design Academy Graduation Show GW19, Campina [Eindhoven, NL] Presentation of the project "TWIRL" OCT 2019 (DDW) Under Construction, YA! present, Sectie-C [Eindhoven, NL] Presentation of the project "Chatroom"